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1.PARTIES: In all cases, NEW ZEALAND VACATION HOMES LIMITED, (In these conditions referred to as the company) acts only as a booking service and any contract entered into is one between the vacationer and the owner of the property. The Company shall not be responsible for the actions of the vacationer or the owner under the contract or for any consequences resulting therefrom. The Company shall not be responsible for any promises or obligations made by any other persons in respect of such contract nor for any disputes resulting therefrom.

2. RETURNABLE BREAKAGES DEPOSIT: A NZ$200.00 deposit may be requested by the owner when the vacationer arrives at the vacation property. This deposit will be returned to the vacationer by the owner at the end of the vacation after deducting therefrom the cost of any breakages or damage and the hire of any special services such as cleaning should the property be left in a dirty condition. All breakages and damage must be reported to the owner.

3. LIABILITIES: Neither the Company nor the owner of the property accepts liability to any person for the death, sickness or injury of or to the vacationer or any other person for the loss, theft or damage to property or money however sustained or caused.

4. CHANGES, CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS: a) A deposit of 10% (minimum NZ$75) is payable on booking with balance payable 30 days prior to commencement. For bookings taking place during the period of 15 December to 31 January, a 25% deposit is required with balance payable 45 days prior to commencement. b) A fee of NZ$25.00 shall be payable for any change made to a booking or any detail contained in that booking. c) All cancellations of reservations will incur cancellation charges and/or forfeiture of deposits as follows: (1) More than 30 days from booking commencement - forfeiture of deposit. (2) Between 8 and 30 days of booking commencement - 50% of accommodation charge (minimum NZ$150.00). (3) Up to 7 days prior to commencement - no refund. In all cases the minimum cancellation charge is the amount of deposit paid. All accommodation charges must be paid 30 days (45 days during the period of 15 December to 31 January) prior to commencement. Overdue payments will result in cancellation of the booking and forfeiture of deposits paid.

5. WHILST the Company representatives have checked the description of properties with the owners, the Company accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of description nor does it accept any responsibility should the property not conform to the vacationer's own individual standards.

6. THE person in whose name the booking is made (in these conditions referred to as the vacationer) is and will remain responsible for the members of his or her party and should ensure that all members of the party meet all the obligations of the vacationer. The following express conditions apply to all bookings: (a) That the total charges for the full period shall be paid prior to the commencement of occupation of the property. (b) That in no circumstances will the period of occupation set out in the booking be exceeded. Any extensions of any period must be made by the completion of a further booking and payment of further charges. (c) That the property will be kept in a clean and tidy condition at all times. (d) That no part of the buildings, chattels, contents or services relating to the property will be interfered with in any manner, removed from the property, repaired or used in any manner other than for the purpose for which they were made or provided. (e) The vacationer will: (i) Not waste or unnecessarily consume electricity or water or gas supplied to the property. (ii) Not bring on to the property any dangerous, noxious or offensive substances or things. (iii) Not cause a nuisance to the owners or the occupiers of any adjoining properties. (iv) At all times ensure that all buildings are securely locked and all chattels such as outdoor furniture securely stored when not in use. (v) Pay the cost of all telephone toll charges plus a 15% handling fee. Where a telephone is installed, Credit Card details including authority to charge must be provided to the company. (f) The number in the party must never exceed the number stated at the time of booking. (g) No pets of any kind will be admitted to the property except where express written permission has been given. (h) That the property will be used by the vacationer for vacation purposes only and will not be used for any other purpose. (i) That the vacationer will not transfer to any other person the right to occupy the property. In the event that the vacationer fails to observe, perform and keep any of the foregoing covenants and conditions, then the owner may refuse the right of entry to the property at any time, may terminate the booking without making any refund of any part of the charges, and may exercise all or any other remedies available to the owner including the recovering of all costs and expenses incurred by the owner in rectifying the default or in any other matter restoring the property to its former condition. Where possible all sums so expended by the owner shall be debited to the vacationer's credit card voucher.

7. DISPUTES: (a) Any dispute between a vacationer and the owner shall be settled according to New Zealand law. (b) No booking shall be made by a person under the age of 20 years. The company reserves the right to refuse any particular booking.

8. COMPLAINTS: Should you have any complaint regarding the property, this should first be reported to the owner or to the company. If a justifiable complaint cannot be solved satisfactorily immediately, contact should be made with the company at its head office in Auckland by 'Fast Post' letter post, written in the English language to arrive at the company not later than 72 hours after the commencement of the booking period, in order to give the company time to arrange for their representative, if practicable, to visit and report on the complaint and where possible to arrange for the owner to rectify the problem whilst you are in residence at the property.

9. NO booking arranged by the company pursuant to these terms and conditions shall constitute tenancies of property to which the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 shall apply.